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How to Determine Hat Size

The measurement of each hat is given on the detailed page for that hat.

To determine your hat size, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your head. Place the tape just above the ears or at eyebrow level.

Because our hats are crocheted, they are naturally stretchy and can fit a range of hat sizes.  We indicate the optimum head circumference range for each hat above the large scale picture on the detailed page. 

Below is a chart showing standard hat sizes and the corresponding head circumference in inches
















Hat Size Circumference of head in inches
6 18.7
6 1/8 19.1
6 1/4 19.5
6 3/8 19.9
6 1/2 20.3
6 5/8 20.7
6 3/4 21.1
6 7/8 21.5
7    21.9
7 1/8 22.3
7 1/4 22.7
7 3/8 23.1
7 1/2 23.4
7 5/8 23.8
7 3/4 24.2
7 7/8 24.6
8    25

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Our hats are hand crocheted, not based upon a pattern but instead, letting the flow of the motion and the spirit define each hat.  Many of our hats are custom orders.  If you see a style of hat but would prefer a different color or size, we would be honored to create a hat uniquely made for you. Simply

E-mail The Zen Lady

to make arrangements.

zenlady [at] thezenlady [dot] com