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Niobium Post Earrings

Niobium Post earrings with interchangeable crystal flowers. 

For those customers who prefer niobium, I now have these handcrafted niobium post earrings available with interchangeable 6mm diameter Swarovski crystal flower beads.  The post diameter is 21 gauge, slightly thinner than the standard 20 gauge post of Dirinda's titanium post earrings.  The effective post length is the standard 10mm (ie, 12mm full length allowing for the 2mm thickness of the flower crystals)

Pictures of the colors available are shown below

These come with your choice of 3 colors of these interchangeable crystal flowers with any order. Choose your color preferences in the three Crystal Flower Color drop down boxes on the storefront page for this item.

These earrings come with hypoallergenic rubber clutches.

Handcrafted in USA

If you would prefer a different color crystal flower not shown below, please e-mail with your request and I will see if that color crystal is available.

niobium post earrings handcrafted in USA $35
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We highly recommend first wearing the titanium earrings shown on the Healing Earrings page to heal piercing with an allergic reaction to other earrings before wearing the anodized earrings, french hook style or heavier post or dangle earrings, but for those that prefer niobium, these earrings also work as healing earrings.



Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings
Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings
Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings
Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings
Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings
Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings
Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings
Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings 
Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings
Niobium Flower Crystal Post Earrings


2mm niobium dot post earrings

2mm Niobium Disc Post Earrings

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These tiny 2mm disc post earrings are for those who want a tiny disc post earrings  -- not recommended for those with large or stretched out piercings as this tiny disc may pull through the piercing.  Available in natural finish niobium or the following anodized colors:  pink, yellow, teal, purple, blue, green or bronze


Size Chart showing 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm ball post earrings for comparison earrings size chart


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