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Pink Sapphire CabTitanium Post Earrings

6mm diameter earrings

Lab grown pink sapphire cabochons hand set in titanium cup posts (titanium posts manufactured by Dirinda Patterson).   All earrings are made in USA with medical grade 100% titanium -- the best choice for those with allergic reactions to other metals.  Dirinda maintains strict quality control on metal composition so it is free from contaminants which are often the cause of allergic reactions.

The pink color of these pink sapphire cabochon earrings is overshadowed by the color of the the titanium bezel cup since light can't shine through the cab except from a side view, so they take on a slight grey tone viewed from the front.   I have made these a special order item for someone who wants pink sapphire earrings for the significance of sapphire, but for someone wanting rose colored earrings, I recommend the Rose Crystal Titanium post earrings at this link:

  5mm Rose Crystal Titanium Post Earrings


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6mm pink sapphire cab titanium post earrings

6mm pink sapphire cab titanium post earrings

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