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Argentium® Sterling Silver is a silver alloy containing germanium.  This high quality silver alloy is tarnish resistant and maintains its beautiful luster and shine.  These earrings are manufactured in the USA and are nickel free.  Composition is silver, copper and germanium.  While many of our customers, who have tested these earrings have not had an allergic reaction to this silver alloy, including customers who have only been able to wear titanium earrings, we recommend Dirinda's pure titanium earrings for those with severe metal allergies since her titanium earrings are truly nonallergenic.

4mm Clear Swarovski crystals are set in these prong style argentium silver post earrings

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Argentium Silver hypoallergenic post earrings

While hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean and disinfect titanium earrings, do not use hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect Argentium Silver or sterling silver.  This will corrode and tarnish the earrings.  We recommend using isopropyl alcohol to clean and disinfect Argentium Silver earrings.