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 18ga Titanium Sleeper Mini Hoops - Natural

by Linda Landauer - Two Iguanas Glass

Handcrafted titanium hoop earrings by Linda Landauer of Two Iguanas Glass

These are made with 18 gauge wire rather than the standard 20 gauge earwire size for those with larger piercing holes.  For those with unstretched or standard piercings these will be difficult to insert and uncomfortable to wear.

These earrings are made with Grade 1-- the purest grade -- Titanium wire which has been refined and hand worked to form these unique titanium hoop earrings with a high polish.  Titanium is not a ductile metal such as silver or gold and Linda has performed the impossible by creating these beautiful titanium hoop earrings.

These hoop earrings are feather light and versatile
The small spiral can be worn snug to the back of your earlobe or visible in front. 

Our earrings are suitable for the most metal sensitive ears. 


9/16 inch in diameter


Visit Linda's website

Linda Landauer Designer

to see her other jewelry designs and to arrange for custom orders

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titanium mini hoop sleeper earringstitanium mini hoop sleeper earringstitanium mini hoop sleeper earringstitanium mini hoop sleeper earrings